Life And Times of Nasir-ud-Din Mehmood

Life And Times of Nasir-ud-Din Mehmood


This book titled as “Life And Times of Nasir-ud-Din Mehmood” covers the time period from 1246 to 1266 CE, which is an important aspect of Medieval India as Nasir-ud-Din Mehmood’s reign falls in between the two important and powerful Sultans of Delhi, Iltutmish and Balban. Iltutmish, consequent to death of Aibak successfully laid the fundamentals of rule which went on to help him govern successfully till his death. The emergence of Nasir-ud-Din Mehmood sees turmoil in relationship between the Sultan and the nobility and the issue later develops serious dimensions. Balban’s emergence, his rise and the growth of him as ‘Naib Sultan’ is another interesting part. He is said to have assumed all de-facto rights and It was only the de-jure aspect which remained to be resolved. Thus, this conflict that was going on along with other problems and their various aspects which grew and developed are important to analyse and in this book, I have tried to cover all these dimensions in detail. Also, After having chronicled the life and times of Nasir-ud-Din Mehmood, I have tried to analyse the factors that helped to evolve certain themes in the history of Medieval India which served as significant guidelines for the future rulers.





Writer :- Vibhuti Singh

Book Details:-

Book Type :- Paperback
Number of Pages :- 296 Excluding Cover Pages
Genre :- History
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